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4 Season (2012) DVDRip x264 AAC

4 Season (2012) DVDRip x264 AACaka กระดังงาโฟร์ซีซั่น
Director: Nutkemjira Suksawat
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Drama
Stars : Naowarat Yuktanan, Panadda Wongphudee And Pimpan Chalaikupp
Quality: DVDRip
Source: DVD5 Retail
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIxoxeEu3MQ

Plot 4 Season (2012) DVDRip x264

Ylang petals 1 "waiting" - Sergeant (Naowarat) were in love with the boy next door named Fort younger generation, although it has a bad mouth better psychologically. Made me decide to risk it this time. But what gets me is that after living together. Waiting aimless life.

Ylang petals 2 "suspicion" - Video (granddaughter) seems to be a pretty sweet game young. But throughout her career to spend time with the suspicion that Apple will betray the game. Finally, Apple has decided to withdraw from the wound in the back and have never heal.

Ylang-ylang petals, the three "friends" - water (the media component) is secretly in love with best friend Kate came along. But she decided to keep. Although it is painful to see Kate parading with the other girls. But what she's feeling down. One day the application is opened.

The ylang-ylang petals 4 "Easy" - Nut (Angkana) open to love without reason and even with yo that she thinks is true love possible. The idea that marriage is the triumph of love. But maybe she has not found a reason for many people to conclude that the two are living together. [G-Trans]

4 Season (2012) Watch Online Trailer

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DVDRip: Download Size: 350.3 MB
DVDRip 0.99GB: Part1 | Part2 | Part3
Title : 4 Season (2012) DVDRip x264 AAC
Description : aka กระดังงาโฟร์ซีซั่น Director : Nutkemjira Suksawat Release Date : 2012 Genre : Drama Stars : ...

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